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Confidentiality and security are of the greatest importance for the FFT, and we do everything possible to ensure that the technical and organizational measures we deploy respect your rights in the area of data protection.

This Privacy Policy describes our rules governing the management, processing and storage of personal data that we receive within the context of the services offered on the website https://boutique.rolandgarros.com/  (the ‘ Website ’).

The term ‘ personal data‘ designates information relating to an individual who is, or may be, identified.



By using the services offered on the Website or filling in a contact form on the Website, you agree that the FFT may gather, process, store and / or use, if applicable, the personal data provided in compliance with the rules set out hereinafter.

Having given us your consent, you retain a right of rectification, a right to be forgotten and / or a right of deletion over your personal data.


Identity of the data controller

Any personal data that may be collected viale Website are collected by the Fédération Française de Tennis (the ‘ FFT ’), an association governed by the provisions of the law passed on the 1st July 1901 (European VAT n° : FR 63 775 671 381), recognized as being of public interest under the decree passed on the 13th July 1923, and with its registered office at Stade Roland-Garros – 2, avenue Gordon-Bennett – 75016 Paris.  


Identity of the Data Protection Officer

The FFT Data Protection Officer is Mr. Ibrahima Souaré (email : dpo@fft.fr).


Personal data collected via the Website

Certain personal data concerning yourself are collected automatically through your actions on the Website (see the section on cookies). In addition to these data, when you register for or use the services offered on the Website, the following data may be collected and processed:


  • Creation of account / profile : the details recorded in the process of creating your account / profile include your civil status, forename(s), surname(s), date of birth, country of residence, postal address, email address, telephone number(s), and connection data.
  • Connection to the Website: the details recorded at this point (if applicable with your consent) include connection data (login and password), browsing data and location data.
  • Orders: the details recorded when you order products on the Website (if applicable with your consent) may include your order history, complaints, incidents and information regarding your orders.
  • Payments made via the Website: if financial transactions are carried out via the Website, your bank details or data relating to your payment card are recorded.
  • Contact: when you fill in a contact form via le Website, your email address is collected.


Whatever the circumstances, we never collect sensitive personal data, such as government-issued identifiers (social security numbers, driver’s licence numbers, tax-payer identity numbers, etc.), complete payment card or personal bank account numbers, medical files or information relating to requests for care services associated with individuals.


Our reason for carrying out processing operations and their legal basis

Our main objective when we collect your personal data is to offer you a secure, optimal, effective and personalized experience. To that end, you agree that we may use your personal data in order:


●     to optimize the layout and functioning of the Website, to anticipate and solve any problems with a view to improving access to - and use of - the Website, as well as the use of our services ;

●     to provide our services and facilitate the functioning thereof, which may involve verifications concerning yourself ;

●     to verify and authenticate your data ;

●     to personalize, evaluate and improve our services, content and documentation ;

●     to analyse the volume and history of your use of our services ;

●     to provide you with information regarding our services and those of our partner companies ;

●     to prevent, detect and investigate any potentially prohibited and illegal activities, or activities that do not comply with good practice, to act against fraud, abuse, viruses and other malware, and to ensure compliance with our general terms and conditions of use ;

●     to manage our relations with yourself ;

●     to provide assistance for users of the Website ;

●     to manage the Website’s payment services ;

●     to provide personalized content and services, corresponding to your browsing history, your preferences and your interests ;

●     to present commercial information and advertisements, corresponding to your browsing history, your preferences and your interests ;

●     to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations.


For the purposes of our newsletters and any other prospecting / solicitation emails we send you, we will process your personal data on the basis of the explicit consent to these activities that you have provided in such an event (unless the emails sent for the purposes of prospecting / solicitation concern products and / or services similar to the products and / or services that you have already ordered).

We will never process or use your personal data for any purposes other than those described above.

In the event that certain information is required in order to provide access to specific features on the Website, this obligatory nature will be indicated when the data is input. Should you refuse to provide the required information, you will not be able to access certain services, features or sections of the Website.


Newsletters and emails

An ‘unsubscribe’ link will systematically be included in each newsletter and email that we send you for prospecting / solicitation / information purposes. Those of you who have explicitly agreed to receive our newsletters may easily unsubscribe from them by following the ‘unsubscribe’ links included in each of the accompanying emails.


Parties receiving your data

The personal data concerning yourself collected on the Website by, or on behalf of, the FFT are gathered for the specific use of the FFT, which is the recipient thereof. Access to your personal data is strictly limited to individuals with authorization within the FFT, who receive such authorization in view of the duties they carry out and are bound by an obligation to maintain confidentiality.  

However, your personal data may be processed on behalf of the FFT by - or sent to - subcontractor companies contracted to carry out the tasks required for the satisfactory functioning of the Website and its services or for the satisfactory management of relations with yourself, or may be sent by the FFT to subcontractors, without the need for you to authorize this. It should be noted that, when carrying out the services they provide, the subcontractors only have limited access to your data, and operate under a contractual obligation to use said data in compliance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in the area of personal data protection.


Other than in the cases listed above, we shall only disclose your personal data to third parties if : (1) you either request or authorize such disclosure ; (2) such disclosure is required in order to process transactions or provide services that you have requested ; (3) the FFT is required to do so by a governmental authority or a regulating body, in the event of a court order, a summons to appear or any other similar governmental or judicial compulsion, or for the purposes of submitting or defending against a legal claim ; or (4) the third party concerned is operating as the FFT’s agent or subcontractor for the provision of services via the Website (for example when the FFT employs service-providers to enable the use of tags and the placing of cookies).


Your rights regarding the protection of your data

In accordance with the provisions of the ‘ IT and civil liberties ‘ law passed on the 6th January 1978 and subsequently amended, and with those of European Regulation n° 2016/679/UE dated 27th April 2016, you have the following rights :


●     to update your data by logging into your account and configuring its parameters, or to have your data deleted by applying to the FFT ;

●     to exercise your right of access, in order to establish the nature of the personal data relating to yourself ;

●     to request that your data be updated, if they are inaccurate ;

●     to request the portability or the deletion of your data ;

●     to request the deletion of your account ;

●     to request that the processing of your data be restricted ;

●     to object on legitimate grounds to the processing of your data ;

●     to object, or withdraw your consent, to the use by our employees of your contact details for the purposes of sending sales offers and solicitations by means of emails, text messages, telephone calls and mailshots. This right shall remain valid whether we received the data concerning yourself directly from you or from external partners that received them from you (in which case, you must click on the ‘unsubscribe’ links provided in our texts or emails or contact us under the conditions set out below).


You may exercise your rights by modifying the parameters of your account, or directly via the Website in the section ‘  Contactez nous ’ (Contact us), or by writing to us at the following address : Fédération Française de Tennis – Service Clients – Stade Roland-Garros – 2, avenue Gordon-Bennett 75016 Paris, or by email at the following address : https://boutique.rolandgarros.com/, or by contacting the FFT’s Data Protection Officer (email : dpo@fft.fr). Your requests will be processed within 30 days. For reasons of security, and in order to prevent any fraudulent requests, we may require you to produce valid proof of identity and / or of authorization in support of your request.


For any additional information, or to lodge a complaint, you may contact the ‘Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés’ (more details via www.cnil.fr).


Cookies / Tracking

The Website uses cookies and tracking in order to collect certain information (and in particular your IP address, information regarding the computer used for browsing, the means of connection, the Internet browser type and version, the operating system and other technical identifiers, or the URL address of the connections, including the date and time, and the content accessed), and for the purposes of improving and personalizing the Website and / or measuring the flow of visitors to it.


Cookies are files placed on the hard drive of your terminal when you browse the Internet and in particular visit the Website. A cookie does not serve to gather personal data without your knowledge but rather records information regarding your visit to the Website which may be read directly by the FFT when you subsequently visit and make requests on the Website.


Certain cookies may also be used to store the contents of a ‘shopping basket’, others to record the linguistic parameters of a website, and still others to produce targeted advertizing.


A cookie contains several items of information: the name of the server that placed it, an identifier in the form of an individual number, and possibly an expiry date. These data are sometimes stored in your terminal in a simple text file, accessed by a server to read and record its information.


The relevant regulations stipulate that websites must obtain your consent before placing cookies, informing you of their purpose and of the way in which you may object to them. In practice, a message must appear when you visit the website for the first time, telling you how to accept or indeed reject the cookies.


The Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés does however indicate that visitor flow measurement tools may be exempted from the requirement to obtain consent, provided they meet the following conditions : (1) they provide clear and complete information; (2) they offer a procedure for objections that is accessible from all terminals ; (3) they do not cross-check the data collected with other processing systems ; (4) they use cookies exclusively for (anonymous) statistical production purposes ; (5) they do not allow the browsing of internet users on other sites to be monitored ; and (6) they do not retain visitor flow measurement cookies for more than 13 months (as from the first visit).


The Website also uses analytical and submission monitoring tools, for visitor flow (audience) data. These tools enable us to measure traffic on the Website and assess your reactions to the products that we offer, in order to improve its quality and performances and to send targeted advertizing.


The cookies installed on the Website may be transferred by means of ‘ tag management ’ solutions. Tags are the means used in order to facilitate the collection and sharing of data between a website and the various forms of technology used by it, which operate using these data (analysis platforms and marketing suppliers, for example). Thus a tag (sometimes referred to as a pixel or a beacon) is the means by which data are collected on a website.


Tags are used for e-marketing and Web analysis. More precisely they enable requests to be addressed to the Web browsers in order to collect data, to install cookies, to increase flow among several websites, and to integrate external content into a website (for example social media widgets, video players, advertisements, etc.).


If you opt to reject all cookies, your browsing may be reduced when it comes to accessing certain pages or benefitting from certain features on the Website. The purpose of the cookies used by the FFT is to enable or facilitate communication, to enable provision of the services requested by users, and to recognize users on subsequent visits.


Cookies are not automatically installed as a default on the Website (with the exception of those cookies required for the functioning of the Website and the FFT services, the installation of which is announced to you in a banner). In accordance with the applicable regulations, we shall seek your authorisation before placing any other type of cookie on your terminal.


When you access external websites from the Website, cookies may be created by companies that have placed advertisements on the Website. These websites are responsible for the cookies that they place and it is their provisions regarding cookies that are applicable. The FFT will not accept any liability with regard to any use of  cookies by these websites. For more information, you are advised to consult these advertizers’ or third parties’ websites directly in order to establish their policy regarding the use of cookies.


In accordance with the regulations in force, the cookies placed on your terminal have a lifespan of no more than 13 months after they are first placed in the user’s terminal (after consent has been provided). At the end of this period, your consent must be sought once again.


You have the option of deactivating cookies using the cookie parametering link in the window notifying you of the use of cookies, or using your browser parameters.


More information regarding cookies may be obtained from the CNIL website (https://www.cnil.fr/fr/site-web-cookies-et-autres-traceurs/https://www.cnil.fr/fr/cookies-les-outils-pour-les-maitriser). 


Retention period

Your personal information is stored in active data bases, in log files or in other types of file. With regard to our active data base, your personal information is stored there for a period of 3 years as from the end of commercial relations or from the final contact (in the case of clients), or for a period of 3 years as from the collection or from the final contact (in the case of prospective clients), unless you exercise, under the conditions stipulated above, one of your rights under the relevant legislation, or unless a longer retention period is authorized or imposed under the terms of a legal or regulatory provision.

For that period of time, the Website deploys the appropriate organizational, software, legal, technical and physical resources in order to ensure the confidentiality and security of your personal data, in such a way that they are not damaged, deleted or accessed by unauthorized external parties.

Your data may be removed at any time during the active use of your account, in compliance with the provisions set out above.


Location of data storage and transfers

The hosting servers on which we process and store our data bases are all located within the European Union.

We are committed to notifying you immediately, to the extent that we are legally authorized to do so, of any request made by an administrative or judicial authority regarding your data.



In the provision of our services, we attach the greatest importance to the security and integrity of the personal data of our clients and users.

Thus, an in accordance with the provisions of the RGPD data protection regulation, we are committed to taking all appropriate precautions in order to maintain the security of the data, and in particular to protect them against any accidental or illicit destruction, accidental loss, degradation, unauthorized circulation or access, and any other form of illicit processing or disclosure to unauthorized parties.

To this end, we deploy the standard security measures used in the sector in order to protect personal data from unauthorized disclosure.  By using the encryption methods recommended by the sector’s practitioners, we deploy the necessary measures in order to protect the information relating to payments and payment cards. 

Furthermore, with a particular view to preventing unauthorized access and to guaranteeing the accuracy and appropriate use of the data, we have put in place the appropriate electronic, physical and management procedures to safeguard and protect the data gathered through the use of our services.

However, no-one should consider themself to be entirely safe from the actions of hackers. It is for this reason that in the event that you are affected by a security breach we are committed to informing you as rapidly as possible and to doing everything we can in order to implement all possible measures to neutralize the intrusion and minimize its impact. In the event that you suffer harm through the exploitation of a security breach by an external party, we are committed to providing you with all necessary assistance to enable you to defend your rights.



Limitation of liability

The downloading of any content from the Website takes place at the user’s risk and under his or her exclusive responsibility. As a consequence of this, the FFT may not be held liable for any damage to the user’s terminal or for any loss of data arising from a downloading operation.

The photos present on the Website are not contractually binding.

Hyperlinks on the Website may enable you to access other online resources. The FFT may not be held liable for the content of these resources, in particular with regard to personal data protection.


Modification of the Privacy Policy

The FFT reserves the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy at any time, and in particular in application of amendments to current laws and regulations. You will receive notification of the changes made via our website or by email, if possible at least thirty (30) days before they come into force. We recommend that you check these laws and regulations on a regular basis in order to keep abreast of our procedures and rules in the area of your personal information.


Contact us

Please visit our contact page (https://boutique.rolandgarros.com/fr/contacts) if you have any questions.

You may also contact the FFT Data Protection Officer directly by email (dpo@fft.fr), or by post at: Fédération Française de Tennis : Délégué à la Data protection – Stade Roland-Garros, 2 avenue Gordon-Bennet – 75016 Paris, France. 


Secure payments


All payments on the site are secure. You can order safely.

Several methods of delivery are available on our website: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro, Ready, Ideal, Mistercash and Paypal.

Your credit card will be charged in the day of validation order.

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Standard shipping in France and abroad is free from 80 €/80£/80$ in your cart.

IMPORTANT: for shipments outside the European Union, the customer must pay the customs fees and local taxes to retrieve his package.

There are 2 types of standard and express delivery.

The prices of these delivery modes adjusts depending on your country of dispatch and the composition of your basket. You can simulate the price of your delivery using our module shipping charges on the cart page.

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If the product is faulty, we invite you to contact the customer service (store.rg@fft.fr) in order to obtain a free return voucher.

To obtain an exchange, we invite you to return the item and place a new order. Once we receive your product we will proceed its refund.

You have a delay of 14 days to return your product to the receipt of the item to your shipping address.

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Customer service is open Monday to Friday from 9:30 to 17:30 (excluding holidays).

You can contact customer service:

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