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The Roland-Garros e-commerce site accompanies you all year round

La Griffe Roland-Garros, launched in 1987 and originally made up of souvenir products, is in keeping with a French style that is both chic and casual. Each year, the Official Boutique extends the unique character of this tournament through its collections of clothing and accessories for men, women and children. Embodying a blend of tradition and modernity, it expresses the fundamental values of the Parisian Grand Chelem, between elegance, authenticity and performance.

Placed under the sign of chic and sporty elegance, the Roland-Garros ready-to-wear lines include a variety of products such as T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, caps, notebooks and mugs. On our online store, you can find all the emblematic products of the tournament, such as the Carré Blanc Player towel, the Panama or the Maxi Balle, indispensable for collecting autographs of the greatest tennis players.

Roland-Garros partners with the prestigious brands Carré Blanc, Lacoste, Wilson, Arthur, Delsey and J.M Weston to create unique pieces for the whole family. The collaborations imagined for La Griffe revisit the classics of tennis and play subtly with the details of the prestigious Parisian tournament.