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Men Tennis Shoes


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Tennis Rackets

Wilson, official partner of Roland-Garros

An innovative and design-driven brand, Wilson will become the Official Partner of Roland Garros and the French Tennis Federation in 2019. This commitment is perfectly in line with Roland-Garros' strategy to offer tennis players the best possible experience on clay courts. 

The collection imagined by Wilson and Roland-Garros combines elegance and high performance and offers a variety of items such as tennis balls, rackets, strings, tennis bags and accessories. Focused on the search for new designs with the aim of constantly evolving the game of tennis, Wilson will enable Roland-Garros to strengthen its influence around the world.

Revolutionary rackets 

Bringing both control and power, the new Clash range has a great flexibility in the vertical axis but with a high stiffness against torsion. A combination created by the new technologies developed by Wilson, Free Flex and Stable Smart.

With its ability to hit with precision and topspin, the Wilson Blade 98 16x19 V7.0 Roland Garros racquet will appeal to players looking to win the battle from the baseline. This model provides great precision on shots for players who are physically comfortable and easily centers the ball. Its weight allows it to fully control the ball with unfailing stability. 

The Roland Garros Team racquet is super lightweight for ease of movement and features a construction that emphasizes comfort and maneuverability. The lightness of the frame offers great maneuverability and responsiveness on all shots. With a slightly heavier headsize design and a longer handle to cover more ground, the Roland Garros Team integrates power and forgiveness into its frame to help reduce arm fatigue. 

For players looking for an excellent power to control ratio, the Roland Garros Equipe HP racquet combines an attractive design with several elements to ensure dynamic performance. A perimeter weight distribution system adds weight to the racquet at strategic locations on each side for improved torsional stability.

A support in the progression 

Wilson also assists beginners and intermediate players in their progression. The relatively lightweight Triumph French Open racquet will satisfy players looking for versatile performance. Relatively lightweight, it's easy to handle while offering a power boost. The Cushion-Aire Perforated grip wicks moisture away from the player's hands to keep them dry and comfortable.
The Roland Garros Elite offers a greater margin of error when seeking power. Made with an AirLite alloy for lightweight power and durability, this racquet also features V-Matrix geometry for a greater point of impact. Occasional players will also enjoy the enhanced feel of the Stop Shock Sleeves and the increased court coverage offered by the extended handle.