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J.M. Weston

For Roland Garros

Discover the entire J.M.Weston collection specially created for the 2020 French Open.

Comfortable on all playing fields, including tennis courts, J.M.Weston has been collaborating with the Roland-Garros tournament for several years. Once again this year, it's impossible to make a foot foul! The workshop offers two types of shoes to suit all styles.

The Moc' Roland Garros returns for this 2020 edition and is adorned with a new range of colors: the navy blue nubuck of the May sky and the clay orange interior of the bridle in the shape of an identity seagull. The must-have Roland Garros On Time Basketball and its sporty, streamlined silhouette. A unisex model that allows you to put both feet in its time!

Accessories at your service! A navy blue calfskin half-ring belt whose details multiply the allusions to the Parisian Grand Chelem and a pair of socks with vintage features, inspired by the wristbands worn by players, complete the collection of this 2020 edition of Roland Garros.

Master shoemaker and bootmaker

Founded in Limoges in 1891, the J.M. Weston manufacture remains one of the references in the world of luxury footwear for men. Its traditional know-how, exercised in a constant concern for quality, respects particularly demanding manufacturing rules, where Goodyear stitching reigns supreme. This is the case for a company that, as early as the 1930s, created models that are now emblematic: hunting, half-hunting, camber, golf and, after the war, moccasins. Moccasins, floral-toe loafers, golf-toed derbies, flanged boots, elasticated camber boots... are the subject of sober and unexpected reinterpretations, revealing a modern man who elegantly combines classicism and rock couture.