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Men's polo and shirt

Lacoste Polo: a real clothing revolution in the world of tennis

A true emblem of an inimitable and timeless sport-chic style, the polo made its appearance on French tennis courts in the 1920s. At that time, tennis inflicted on players a rather strict dresscode, which consisted of a long-sleeved shirt, buttoned at the wrists and city pants. 

Looking for a way to gain an advantage over his opponents, Jean-René Lacoste, world number one in 1927, asked a fashion designer to create a shirt inspired by polo players to which a collar would be added. This is how Lacoste polo was born. In addition to the design, this revolutionary shirt is made out of pique cotton, a special cotton whose weave allows for better ventilation and more strength than the traditional shirt.

Roland Garros polo shirts, between subtlety and creativity

More elegant than a t-shirt, more casual than a shirt, the polo shirt represents a strong piece for the men's wardrobe. Roland-Garros invites you to rediscover the polo in all its aspects, from the most classic to the most modern, including the essentials of the famous Roland-Garros tournament. 

Made from quality materials, the polo shirt guarantees an optimal outfit and a timeless style. Our polo shirts are renowned for their refinement and quality craftsmanship. You will be conquered by their subtle details, which reflect all the creativity of the collection to reinvent the great classics of men's ready-to-wear. Designed to be versatile in all circumstances, Roland-Garros and Lacoste short sleeve polo shirts can be worn for a sporty or casual look, depending on your desires. 

Assert your style by adopting the polo shirt from the Roland-Garros Heritage line and combine it with a chino for an elegant and comfortable look. The short-sleeved men's polo shirt with the Roland-Garros logo will satisfy your desire for a more classic style and coordinates perfectly with jeans for a contemporary urban look. 

Lacoste x Roland Garros, a chic sports style

Official sponsor of the tournament since 1971, Lacoste offers a line designed for all those who experience tennis as second nature, on the court as well as in everyday life. For a sleek and elegant look to adopt in the stands, fall for the print inspired by the panama hats on the new Lacoste Sport Roland Garros Edition polo shirt. 

For the sporty type, opt for the breathable, piqué Lacoste Sport polo shirt with zip, Roland Garros Edition. With a gradient print on the front and a breathable mesh yoke on the back, this polo shirt combines style and performance thanks to its resistant piqué cotton. 

Finally, for an outfit combining elegance and performance, Roland-Garros and Lacoste offers the 2020 tournament ball picker polo shirt, in plain breathable piqué that will meet your expectations. Endowed with ultra-dry breathable properties, this polo shirt, as chic as it is sporty, will accompany your training sessions on clay courts as well as your afternoons in the stands on center court.