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Tennis bags


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Tennis Bags

For the more adventurous, Roland-Garros also offers a wide selection of bags. From the classic tennis bag to the tote-bag, to the traditional sports bag, choose from our wide selection of bags. At Roland-Garros, you will find the bag that meets all your expectations. 

Bags for all players 

Whether you are a beginner or an amateur, you need to carry your training or competition kit with you to practice tennis in the best conditions. 

Spacious, comfortable and equipped with the latest technology, our tennis bags will allow you to take all your personal belongings with you, whether rackets, tennis balls, shoes or your favorite outfits. Benefiting from several pockets and an ergonomic shape, they will appeal to all players looking for better storage and optimal functionality.

In order to meet all your needs and choose the bag that suits your practice habits, our Wilson and Roland-Garros tennis bags are available in several sizes and shapes: classic (3 or 6 packs), backpack, traditional sports bag or totebag. Thanks to its synthetic and technological materials, the tennis bag guarantees you optimal waterproofing and thermal insulation.

A style that can withstand any challenge

The Roland Garros tennis bags, with sober and modern tones, emphasize elegance and adaptability. Rather chic and sporting spirit, they adopt the codes of the Parisian tournament, between performance and good taste.

Versatile, the Roland-Garros bag is ideal for daily use or for a sporting activity and fulfills the needs of a sports bag. Thus, you can use it very well as a soccer bag, basketball bag, it adapts to your desires. For optimal comfort, it comes with shoulder straps so you can easily carry it everywhere with you. The backpack can be reused as hand luggage or for everyday outings.