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Tennis Balls


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Tennis Balls

Wilson, official partner of Roland-Garros

An innovative and design-driven brand, Wilson will become the Official Partner of Roland Garros and the French Tennis Federation in 2019. This commitment is perfectly in line with Roland-Garros' strategy to offer tennis players the best possible experience on clay courts. 

The collection imagined by Wilson and Roland-Garros combines elegance and high performance and offers a variety of items such as tennis balls, rackets, strings, tennis bags and accessories. Focused on the search for new designs with the aim of constantly evolving the game of tennis, Wilson will enable Roland-Garros to strengthen its influence around the world.

Balls for all types of surfaces and for all levels
Discover the Wilson Roland-Garros tennis ball specially designed for clay courts. Equipped with a rubber core, it guarantees a quality bounce even after several hours of play. Its woven felt prevents the ball from catching too much moisture and dirt for optimal consistency at the most grueling points. A perfect ball for demanding players, such as professional players during Roland Garros. 

For use on all surfaces, even the most abrasive, Wilson offers the Roland Garros All Court tennis ball. It features a superior quality woven felt that will provide excellent durability, perfect resistance and exceptional comfort when hitting. Its rubber core guarantees quality rebound even after several hours of play.

Looking for a ball for your beginner or intermediate child? The Roland-Garros Green Tournament ball is specially adapted for children who are just starting to play competitive tennis. It is played much slower than a regular tennis ball to help developing juniors improve their timing and focus on their fundamentals. This ball offers 25% less bounce and thanks to its weight, it is much easier to hit for long exchanges. It can also be perfectly adapted to adult beginners since it allows them to enjoy the first strokes of the racket.

The Roland Garros Orange Tournament ball is designed for junior players 10 years old and under playing on smaller courts. It offers 75% less bounce and is much easier to hit for long exchanges, being 50% slower than a standard ball. The model is available in red and orange.

A Jumbo Ball for Autographs 

Wilson's Jumbo Yellow Ball is ideal for collecting autographs from the world's best tennis players who come to compete at Porte d'Auteuil. It's a great showpiece in your home but also a great souvenir of the Parisian Grand Chelem. The ball bears the official logo of the tournament. Don't forget to bring the Roland Garros black marker!
It is available in yellow but also in pink.