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Wilson Tennis Bags

Wilson, elegance and versatility

An American brand guided by a refined design, Wilson will become the Official Partner of Roland Garros and the French Tennis Federation in 2019. In order to satisfy all tennis enthusiasts, the equipment manufacturer offers a variety of items, such as tennis balls, rackets, strings, accessories and especially tennis bags. Come and explore our selection of Wilson bags, designed for tennis players and combining practicality, elegance and sobriety. 

Wilson Roland Garros models

Constantly looking for innovation, Wilson has only one wish: that tennis players have the best organization. To meet this high requirement, Wilson tennis bags are made up of specific compartments that can hold up to 12 tennis rackets. So you no longer have to worry about storing your balls, rackets, shoes and other personal belongings. But that's not all. Each bag has storage compartments that can be thermally insulated.

In addition to its impeccable organization, the Wilson bag has adjustable straps, allowing it to be placed on the shoulder or carried by hand with its double handle. Thanks to this versatility, you can adapt the tennis bag as you wish, as a handbag or backpack. In order to satisfy all the needs of tennis enthusiasts, the American equipment manufacturer offers different shapes of bags: the tennis bag, the backpack, the totebag and the gymbag. Come and discover without delay the many Wilson models for men, women and children available at Roland-Garros.