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Women Shoes


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Women's Accessories

Discover our selection of accessories for Roland-Garros women: visor cap, genuine panama, scarf and leather bags, essential accessories to complete a silhouette.

Accessories in the image of the Parisian tournament

Women's fashion accessories are everyday items that will sublimate your wardrobe in the blink of an eye. Roland-Garros offers fashion accessories such as hats, caps, bags, scarves and many more in the colors of the Parisian Grand Chelem. 

Sharing the values of the Parisian tournament and identifying with the spirit of French elegance, the leather goods, as well as all women's accessories stand out with sober and modern colors, complementing your outfit with subtlety. 

A wide choice of women's fashion accessories = a multitude of inspirations. 

Decorated to the rhythm of the seasons and your desires, women's fashion accessories can be collected ad infinitum. A big hat, a beautiful scarf or a pair of trendy sunglasses intensify the look, making it unique. They are designed to make all the difference on an outfit.

For those who prefer a more elegant look, choose the Carré de soie Roland-Garros silk square and accompany it with the leather handbag from the Heritage collection. For the more urban ones, the duffel bag and the peaked cap are sure to seduce you. Watch out for the slightest ray of sunshine with your new Lacoste sunglasses, specially made for Roland-Garros. Finally, adopt the famous panama hat made of real palm wood, an indispensable accessory for watching matches in bright sunshine. 

Shopping for the selection of Roland-Garros women's accessories is now a breeze!