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Men tennis outfits


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Men's Tennis Outfits

Our men's tennis outfits 

Our tennis uniforms are designed so that each player can develop his movements on the tennis courts, in all circumstances, whether in training or competition, and in all seasons. Roland-Garros offers you a wide choice of outfits for all amateurs, competitors and tennis enthusiasts, perfectly adapted to all morphologies. Enjoy the collaboration of the Parisian Grand Chelem and Lacoste to find unique and trendy men's tennis clothing.

A tennis outfit to shine on the court

Both an icon of tennis courts and a basic piece, polo brings a touch of elegance to sports and city wear. Every year, Lacoste and Roland-Garros renew their collection, using increasingly technical and innovative materials, such as ultra dry resistant and breathable pique, to provide players with unequalled comfort. 

To find even more comfort, Roland-Garros and Lacoste offer t-shirts with ultra-breathable properties, guaranteeing rapid absorption of perspiration and moisture. Designed to boost performance, men's t-shirts offer great comfort and freedom of movement. Perfect in all circumstances, they are available in beautiful colors: white, navy blue, red or green. 

Another must-have item in the men's wardrobe is the tennis shorts. Designed in stretch taffeta, they are as functional as they are stylish, providing incredible support and optimal breathability in high temperatures. The cuts will help keep you comfortable and confident throughout your match or training session. 

Finally, celebrate your victories in warmth with Lacoste's line of Roland Garros edition zip jackets. With their iconic sporty look, they're perfect for city wear.

Men's accessories for the final touch

For effective absorption that will bring you real comfort during play, take the Roland-Garros sponge wrist duos for your next matches and training sessions. The soft fabric does not irritate your skin and their elastic structure adapts perfectly to the shape of your wrist, ideal for your tennis practice. On the design side, the classic colors will perfectly match all your outfits and add a chic effect.

You can add the Roland Garros sports headband to your outfit. It will absorb perspiration and keep you dry to ensure optimal comfort throughout the performance and will prevent you from having your hair in your eyes to stay focused. It is available in two materials: microfiber or sponge.

The complete outfit of Novak Djokovic

Get inspired by the world's number one by wearing his full outfit! For Roland Garros, Lacoste and Novak Djokovic have created a complete outfit, as part of a collaboration, consisting of a polo shirt, shorts and jacket, all three of which are available in two colors: red or white. You can buy the complete outfit of Novak Djokovic on the online store of Roland-Garros.