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Accepted forms of payment to all destinations: 

American Express 

Accepted forms of payment for certain destinations: 

Mistercash Bancontact for Belgium 
Sofortüberweisung for Germany 
Ideal for Netherlands

Checks, cash payments and bank transfer payments are not accepted on our site to pay for your order. We do not practice any payment facility (sending against reimbursement, payment in 3 times for free ...) It is not possible to place an order by calling customer service. All control passages must go through the website of the French Open Official shop.

If your payment is not accepted then you will not be charged on your credit card and your order will not be shipped. If your payment was accepted, then your command was successful and you will receive an email order confirmation which appears in your transaction number.

Secure payment:

To secure the payments the official store French Open selected as Hipay payment partner.

Access to the site is secure because the URL of the official store French Open begins with https: //, it means that all your connection is secure on site. SSL encryption technology ensures the security of information you provide during the banking transaction. All information thus remain confidential. The data of your credit card are not registered on our site. At no time, bank data transiting through the computer system of the French Open shop.

Finally to confirm your payment, 3D Secure technology is randomly used to prevent fraud on your credit card. Thus, you receive a code by SMS when payment for confirmation. We invite you to keep your phone with you when finalizing your order to be responsive to input the code received by your bank on your mobile phone. If you do not complete the 3D secure code sent by your bank, your payment may be taken into account and we will not be able to ship your order.